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We serve the Greater New York and the Baltimore, DC Metro areas. Please browse the website and see why all of our clients rely on HPC Productions Teleprompting Services for their teleprompting needs. HPC Productions Teleprompting Services has a reputation for quality. Be it large film shoots, tight office quarters or live events, we have the experience and the right equipment for any kind of teleprompting situation. We now accept all major credit cards. If you have any questions or would like a rate sheet, please contact us via email or call us at 646-418-3766. Also, remember to make HPC Productions Teleprompting Services a part of your next production.

These two units are essentially the same. These are a bottom monitor setup that can handle a large camera, lens and matte box. The difference is that the MSP 15 has a lighter “sled” and can be used with a 12-inch monitor as well to make it less bulky. The FDP 15, however, can be fixed with an oversized hood for extreme wide angles (Normal Glass hoods’ max is approximately 18 mm).

The MSP 15 weighs approximately 15 lbs and the FDP 15 weighs approximately 23 lbs. Both can be used for up to approximately 50 feet. They can be mounted on a C stand as well. They can also be outfitted with a ‘high hat’ as well as used for an “interrotron” setup.

FDP-15 / MSP-15

FDP-12 / MSP-12

These are our most popular units and are great for office or small-stage shoots. The FDP 12 version is an all-in-one monitor on-top unit. It can be used for most lenses (max is approximately 28 mm) and small matte boxes.

The MSP 12 version is a monitor on-bottom unit with a bigger hood (lens max approximately 18 mm) to accommodate wider angles and a larger matte box. Together, these weigh about 13 pounds and are good up to 30 feet. They can be mounted on a light stand as well. They can also be outfitted with a ‘high hat’ as well as used for an “interrotron” setup.


This is the smallest unit we provide. It is perfect for “man on the street” or very tight- venue situations. It can be mounted via the sun gun screw or shoe at the top of most cameras or we can attach a “sled” to the bottom of the camera and attach “ubars” and slide the prompter down over top. If going handheld, we have a shoulder pad/brace arm. This unit will add about 5 pounds of weight to the front of the setup and is readable up to 10 feet. It can be mounted on a light stand.

The Executive Speech Prompter setup, or “Presidential,” holds two 15-inch prompters at the bases and reflects onto two pieces of glass, or “beam splitters,” so that the talent can read the text and address the audience as well.

Executive Speech Prompter

Teleprompter FDP-15/MSP-15 FDP-6 Speech Prompter fdp-12 small msp12

FDP 12

MSP 12

(with larger